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The Tarot Card, n.d.Little Girl Watching Bird, 2016–2021Small Tango , 2012-2021Telephone Pages (Sheep Meadow), 2015–2021Central Park — Derald, 2007–2019Blue Jeans / Condoms, 2007–2019Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, 2019Study #41, 2016-2019Study #53, 2019Study #54, 2019Study #55, 2019Study #56, 2019Study #27, 2016-2018Study #33, 2017-2018Study #35, 2017-2018Study #36, 2017-2018Study #42, 2017-2018Study #44, 2017-2018Study #46, 2017-2018Study #52, 2018Small Sheep Meadow, 2017Small Sheep Meadow with Collage, 2017Small Sheep Meadow with Shadow, 2017Study #28, 2016-2017Study #30, 2016-2017Study #31, 2016-2017Study #32, 2016-2017Study #34, 2017Study #37, 2016-2017Study #38, 2016-2017Study #43, 2016-2017Study #45, 2017Study #47, 2017Study #48, 2017Study #49, 2017Study #51, 2017Voyeur, 2009–2017Central Park Collage for Louise Grunwald (Sheep Meadow), 2016Study #21, 2015-2016Study #22, 2015-2016Study #23, 2016Study #40, 2016Study #19, 2015Study #20, 2015Study #24, 2015Study #26, 2015Study #9, 2015Dr. Cullman Profile, 2014Study #17, 2014Study #25, 2014Study #11, 2013In Bloom (General Sherman), n.d.Judgment of Paris with Morning Glories, 2009–2013Lemonade is So Last Summer, 2006–2013Rollerblades, 2013Shakespeare Tango, 2013Study #10, 2013, no longer extantStudy #12, 2013Study #13, 2013Study #14, 2013Study #15, 2013Study #16, 2013Study #1, 2007Derald with Mickie at Master Bedroom Beekman Place (with Vertical Window), 2004D.H.R. 1/25/2003, 2003Aunt Tillie, 2002-2003DHR Sept 18, 1999, 1999Derald, 1999Derald with Cane (Gannochy), 1999Palm Springs Rose Portrait, 1999Harry Kulp, 1998Rose Kadesky, 1998Sue Fuller, June 1996Hattie Reading Henry James, 1995Janet Ruth, Gannochy, 1995Janet Ruth (Profile, Right Side), 1995Rose 2000, 1995Janet Ruth, 1993John's Family 2/4, 1992John's Family 3/4, 1992Family Screen, 1991Blenheim — Portrait of the Duchess of Marlborough, 1990Duchess of Murray — Pamela Mansfield, 1990Edgar Cullman Portrait Sketch, 1990Kathy with Sally & Joey, 1990Rose (Front and Profile), 1990sSue Fuller, 1990Derald Grouse Shooting, Gannochy, 1989Tessa (Mrs. Keswick) after the Shoot — Hunthill, 1989Margie and Little Janet, 1987John and Little Janet, 1986D.H.R and his bitch Gwen (Derald at Gannochy), 1985D.H.R., 1985Garden Painting — John Flemming Gardener, 1985Hattie , 1985Gannochy Window with Derald's Silhouette, 1980sCortachy Castle, 1980sDHR Reading Newspaper in Library at Gannochy Lodge, 1980sDr. Jimmie Holland, 1980sKathy (Charcoal Profile), 1980Landscape with Barley at Gannochy, 1980sLandscape with Wheat and Rainbow, Gannochy, 1980sRose, 1980sRose with Window Background, 1980sRound Straw Bales in the Field, Scotland, 1980sTessa (Mrs. Keswick) at Hunthill, 1980View at Gannochy, 1980sView from Hill Studio, Gannochy, 1980sPark Avenue from 53rd to 48th, 1978Rose Kadesky, 1976Betsy Beasley, 1975Kathy and Tertius, 1975Hattie in Smock Dress, July 1974John, 1974Hattie with Wildflowers, 1973Rose, on the Occasion of her Birthday, to her Mommie, 1973Hattie, 1972Hattie on horse, 1972John, 1972John, 1972John Ruttenberg with Poetry, 1972Kathy, 1972Kathy, 1971Eric Ruttenberg at Farm, 1970Derald H. Ruttenberg, 1970sGrandpa's Garden — Hattie, Kathy, Eric, Herman, 1970Hattie, Pencil and Watercolor, 1970Model in Painting Class, 1970NY National Academy of Design Class — Model in Profile, 1970Swimming Pool (My Four Children and Tertius), 1970Hattie, 1969John Standing Profile, 1969Kathy Ruttenberg on Oh Well, 1969Child on a Horse Kathy, 1968Expressway Traffic, 1968Kathy, 1968Dr. John Rosen, 1965Kathy with Dog, 1965Children at Table, 1964John, 1961Kathy, 1961Kathy, 1961Kathy and Eric as Youngsters, Glencoe, 1961Lyl (Aunt Lillie), 1961Eric, 1960John, 1960Children at Table, 1959Kathy, Eric and Flash, 1959My Children at the Kitchen Table, Glencoe, 1959Little Boy — (Eric?), 1958Kathy at 11 Months, 1957Dorothy Kulp, 1956Jed Mandel's Birthday Party — Portrait of John Ruttenberg, 1956John & Eric, Glencoe, 1956John Love, 1956Tillie in a Still Life, 1956Derald, 1953Self-Portrait, 1953Jarma Besinger, Chicago, 1950sSkippy Friedman, 1950sDorm friend, 1949Emma Willard Dance, 1948Saddles, 1948Dubuque Flower Market, 1947Emma Willard Classmate — Anne Spencer Thurman, 1947Holiday Card — Presents, 1947Orphanage in Troy, 1947Parkway — 1475 Parkway, 1947Still Life, 1947Tea time with Headmistresses: Miss Wellington and Miss Lea at Emma Willard, 1947Portrait of a young lady, 1946Ballerinas, 1945View from Dr. Kadesky's Office in the Roshek Building, Dubuque, 1940sDubuque 4th Street Elevator, 1942